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Diesel In Petrol


it's far harder to put diesel in a petrol car than it is to put petrol in a diesel car, but both can possibly harm your car engine. what happens when you put diesel in a petrol car simply make a call for our misfuelling emergency service, and we will help you in the wrong fuel to prevent engine damage. Although the potential damages aren’t as severe, if you put diesel into a petrol car, it will still cause your engine to make a strange noise, so it’s most helpful to get the diesel out ASAP. Call us to relieve the stress of a painful situation!

What happens if you put Diesel in a Petrol Car?

It’s far harder to put Diesel in a Petrol Car than it is to put Petrol in a diesel car. That’s because the nozzle of a diesel pump won’t generally fit into a petrol tank, which gives petrol car drivers some protection against this type of misfuelling. Obviously, if refilling your car from a jerry can, or if either the pump or the tanks don’t comply with convention, you can still make the same mistake, but the vast majority of misfuelling events are Petrol into a diesel tank.

Can you put Diesel in a petrol car? Of course not! But, If you have wrongly put Diesel in Petrol car, then it is okay because you can control any severe damage to your engine by stopping your car immediately. Diesel is less flammable than Petrol, and it can’t ignite in the petrol engine. The engine will produce very thick smoke, and it can even damage your car’s catalytic converter. Other possible damages can be seals and fittings. Wrong fuel recovery on time can save your pocket.


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Diesel In Petrol Car Symptoms

Petrol in Diesel Car Symptoms

If you found any of the above symptoms of petrol in diesel engine damage while driving. Stop your car and call for fuel drain service like WRONG FUEL MASTER immediately. We will come and safely remove the contaminated fuel from your car, and you will be back on the road after a short interval.


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