I have just put the wrong fuel into my car at the petrol station. What should I do?

Do not switch on the ignition or start the car to avoid damage to your engine. Push your car in neutral to a safe place and call WRONG FUEL MASTER. Our qualified technicians will be with you within an hour to drain the fuel and get you back on the road.

I have driven my car already with the wrong fuel in it. Have I damaged my engine?

Driving with the wrong fuel can cause damage to your engine. It is important to get the contaminated fuel drained as soon as possible to minimise the risk of costly damage. The more contaminated fuel that goes into the system, the more expensive it will be to repair your car. If considerable damage is done, it may be cheaper to replace your engine.

Will the fuel drain service costs be covered by my insurance?

Only Green Flag cover fuel drain service costs at the moment. Please contact your insurers for confirmation. You may however choose to cover the costs yourself to avoid an increase in your insurance premiums.

What if the damage is considerable and you cannot get my car started after the fuel drain?

WRONG FUEL MASTER has a “no start no fee policy” so we will not charge you for any of the work done.

How many litres of the wrong fuel can I get away with if I realise my mistake and top it up with the correct fuel?

The amount of wrong fuel that your vehicle can safely tolerate depends on the vehicle’s manufacturer. Please check with your vehicle’s manufacturer for confirmation. Generally manufacturers recommend that the contaminated fuel is drained from the tank and replaced with clean fuel before the ignition is switched on or started.

What should I do if I put the wrong fuel into a hire car?

Please contact the hire company. Your rental agreement should stipulate that you contact the company if you experience a mechanical problem with the car. The hire company will usually arrange for the car to be repaired with a fuel drain company they have a contract with. They may agree for you to arrange the fuel drain yourself. If that is the case please contact one of our operators.

My car is a new model, can you remove the wrong fuel from it?

WRONG FUEL MASTER technicians and specialised equipment are suitable and capable to remove the wrong fuel from any vehicle type.

Which areas do you cover?

WRONG FUEL MASTER’s network of professional and qualified technicians cover all of the UK. We also work with a number of other wrong fuel companies who we would put you in contact with if we are not able to assist in this instance.